Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Velvet Nails Review

Hot Velvet Nails And Mid Finger Rings!

A girls life is incomplete with out pretty nails. In the 21st century there have been many new inventions. Similarly there has been a great expansion  in  nail art . There is so much to do with nails now a days . Why should we hold our selves back ? My favorite velvet nails ! So simple and unique . Hot nails with a matter of a few minutes . Suitable for any occasion . There are many colors available pink, purple and much more .

Accessorize provide a pack for just  £5.00 .
The pack includes a pot of velvet powder accompanied with a nail vanish . This prevents the hassle of matching the base of the velvet powder. 
Simple instructions are displayed on the back of the pack . 

Glamorize your nails today and stand out from the crowd !

To add extra spice to your hands pop on some rings . My favourite jewellery item never leave home without them. Mid finger rings are the new hot trend and a great way to decorate your fingers . H&M provide a pack for  £3.00 . 

Get blinging !