Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Leather Effect Nail Polish

Leather effect nail polish !

Another one of my favourites , leather effect nail polish . The dark grey leather nail polish is an excellent choice to decorate your beautiful nails with . Nails.Inc leather effect nail polish is easily available at debnehams for 14 pounds . For the other nails,  I used light grey from MUA available at superdrugs for only one pound. To add extra glam and to keep my hands subtle, I painted one nail with Nails.Inc. Quick and easy to use and easy to access.

Nails.INC leather : 14 pounds at debnehams

I love these nail polishes ! So pretty and unique.
MUA light grey : 1 pound at superdrugs.
MUA at superdrugs is sold at a reasonable price . Great quality and a large variety of colours are available .